Advanced Human Services is an outpatient substance abuse clinic located in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. Over the last seven years, AHS has worked to develop, provide, and promote the expansion of culturally appropriate behavioral health services which include community education, identification and referral, intervention, treatment and after care.

Currently, AHS is certified by OASAS. Our program offers a multiplicity of treatment options within an ambulatory setting. Services include, ambulatory detoxification, medication assisted treatment, co-occurring disorders treatment etc. Treatment services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the agency’s extensive Russian-speaking clientele.

Our program provides evaluation for DWI offenses as well as treatment and referrals.


clinical expertise

Overcoming Addiction and Social Bias

A common perception in our society is that substance abusers have a weak personality or lack moral judgement. However, according to research accumulated in the past decades, the combination of biology and social environment accounts for a major part of addiction.
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