The MICA Treatment Program

The MICA (Mentally Ill Chemical Abuse) Treatment Program was established in 1989 with the sole purpose of providing aid to those individuals suffering from both mental illness and substance abuse. The specificity behind the conceptualization of this treatment program is purposefully done. As so, trained professionals that are experienced in working with patients afflicted with both conditions can better help, connect and provide support. Many of the people involved with the MICA program do suffer from serious mental health illnesses and become entangled with the justice system along the way.

The MICA program includes the following services:
*Psycho-social assessment
*Psychiatric assessment
*Medication evaluation and monitoring
*Drug screening
*Counseling to support a drug-free lifestyle and for relapse prevention
*Education about substance abuse
*Case coordination
*Advocacy and referral to self-help groups in the community

Knowledge of this program and its patients allows for swifter compilation of a specialized treatment plan for the client. Which is exactly what our professional staff at Advanced Human Services, Inc will do.